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    Google Talk...

    just wondering if anyone has tried the Google Talk feature they are now offering.?.

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    Yes I have it, I first got it when xierox added me to his buddy list. I also use msn,aim and yahoo so compared to those its kinda refreshing it just has a "google" feel if that makes any sense... I like it. the voice/data quality is good.... havent had the chance to see if they support webcams ( they must though?) anyway overall i like it and would recommend it. The only issue I cant figure out is when you right click the icon on your desktop there is a thing that says "update" and everytime i click it, it does nothing! you figure it would say no updates available or something but it doesnt say anything at all.
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    Hi .:front2back:., If you want gmail ids of some AOers. Check out this thread.



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    Well it sounds good enough to me then, i might install it on a Box not on the Network and give it a little try..
    That Voice/Data option sounds good. hopefully it's a lot clearer then the Yahoo or MSN voice options.

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    i dont trust it... google is the devil. no seriously. google scares me.

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    Does it support AIM users yet ? i'm not going to use it untill i can import my AIM buddy list and talk to AIM people.
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    Does it support AIM users yet ?
    I don't think it does support Aim, i tried to import my Aim contacts, and it doesn't look like it really wants to work with them...

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