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Thread: Tonight 'Punked' my World

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    Tonight 'Punked' my World

    Hey Hey,

    I'm just doing a straight CnP from my blog for now.... I'll post more tomorrow if this thread is alive... (lately I've been thinking that the threadkiller nick should be revived and given to me.. ) anyways... I'm exhausted but I wanted to get this out to ya'll

    Hey Hey,

    So I'm sitting at work this morning and my buddy (Chris) says that he's might have an extra ticket to the Anti-Flag, Pennywise, Bad Religion show in Detroit.. he'll let me know.. so he calls back and says he has one for me, but we'll have to leave at 2pm in order to make it... so I call work (I was out on lunch) and ask for the afternoon off... because it's the most awesome place in the world they said yes... and I was pumped.. So we drove from London to Detroit and had no problems getting across, in fact the customs guy was surprised that Pennywise and Bad Religion were still around and said we were too young to be going to see them.. it was pretty ****ing cool.

    So we were there an hour early... prolly about 50 or so people back in line.. not to shabby at all... We got inside (State Theatre) and got a spot right at the first railing (just behind the pit)... Chris's girlfriend Amanda was with us so it was decided the center of the pit prolly wasn't the best place... besides it was an awesome place to be for the show.

    The opening act was Murphy's Law... never heard of them before but I'll definately be looking forward to seeing them again. They had some cool tunes, but I couldn't concentrate too much... Anti-Flag was next.

    Out comes Anti-Flag.... my band... there is no one better than them.. it was amazing. Of course they started with 'Die for the Government'... but other favourites were in their like '**** Police Brutality', 'Power to the Peaceful', 'Got the Numbers' and many others.... I'm going to send them an email requestion the actual set list in order (I'll never remember it all)... It was amazing to see them live... and a dream come true for the most part... I've never been more excited or as happy as I am right now... Wow... that's all I can say... It was nice to hear Americans speak out against Bush but also against the atrocities in Iraq... To hear someone else say it was time for a violent revolution was music to my ears... almost as great as the music itself was. They also shared this with us... in the US if you attend a school that receives any public funding, your records are provided to the US Military for recruitment purposes.... so following that... they've started this site and wanted to share it... I'm going to spread the word by sharing it with you -- Military Free Zone.

    Following Anti-Flag was Pennywise... I like Pennywise... I'll never know the lyrics to all their songs... but I enjoy listening to the... they played a lot of fan favourites and again they spoke out against the 'war'... It was very cool and I'm glad that I saw them..

    Finishing off was Bad Religion... The only song I was hoping to hear was '21st Century' and Chris didn't think they'd play it because he's never heard it at any of the other concerts of theirs that he's been to and it's not exactly a new song. Sure enough it was the second song they played... this made my night... Not only was Anti-Flag... my favourite punk band and most likely my favourite anything band playing... but now... Bad Religion played what was basically my first punk song ever... I could have orgasmed at that point... Other songs included Sorrow, Los Angeles is Burning and others... They also asked for a moment of silence for the veterans... However some of the more idiotic Americans that were present didn't know what silence was and sat and screamed.... A night when everyone was speaking out about what was happening, it was nice to see that the day was still remembered and honoured. We also had the cymbal 'chimed' 29 times for each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald (I bet I spelled that wrong but I don't care to look it up right now)..

    On the way out I really wanted a shirt but they only went up to XXL... so instead I bought the Anti-Flag Death of a Nation video... It's filled with live footage from their 'The Terror State' tour along with some other cool stuff... I can't wait to spend tomorrow watching it.

    Anyways.. tonight was amazing.... I'm so glad work let me off early... I just had to share this with everyone that reads this and anyone that stumbles across it before I went to bed.

    Peace all,
    Anyways.. just to share... Catch ya'll later

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    Oh man..

    I wish I was there !!!!

    I'd go with my Pennywise shirt on..

    Not that I like the other bands any less.. I just don't own that many band shirts !!
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    Ooh yeah ... I'm a 21st Century Digitial Boy ... niiceee

    "I don't know how to read but I have A LOT of toys"

    You saw Pennywise and Bad religion ...lucky you .


    [EDIT] Did they play "Badge of Pride" to , Pennywise that is ... nice song as well [/EDIT]
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    Ahhhh Anti Flag. So many memories. And of course if you watch that video you bought, not sure if that;s the one but look for a dude in what appears to be tape. Friend was in Detroit trashed wrapped up in this weird plastic **** and they taped it and used it for an Anti-Flag video.

    None of those bands touch the Misfits but I'd go see Anti Flag and Pennywise.

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