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Thread: Three companies shut down on spyware charges

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    Three companies shut down on spyware charges

    Three companies shut down on spyware charges

    11/11/2005 4:50:09 PM, by Jeremy Reimer

    The US Federal Trade Commission reported yesterday that a court had shut down three Internet companies on charges of distributing spyware without users' consent.

    Enternet Media, Inc. and Conspy & Co. Inc, based in California, and Iwebtunes, based in Ohio, had their assets frozen after being found to have distributed spyware that "piggybacked" on top of free offerings, such as ring tones, music software and utility programs, as well as a fake "security patch" for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. The spyware tracked users' Internet activities, changed their home pages, and deluged them with endless streams of pop-up advertisements.

    Currently, complaints about spyware in the US are handled only by the FTC. However, the US Senate proposed federal legislation against spyware in 2004 and again this May. The legislation has not yet gone through the Senate and seems to be perpetually bogged down in discussion. Meanwhile, some states, including California, have introduced their own anti-spyware legislation.
    Three companies shut down on spyware charges

    It's a start...not much but better something than nothing!

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    I hope that they (spyware companies) will not put source of software on the web or it will be a big trouble......I think.....
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    and I hope they get shot and killed as punishment
    meh. -ech0.

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    Or forced to sit in front of a computer guttered with there own nifty products, and show everyone how fun it is to surf the web with all those pretty advertisements filling your screen with each press of the keyboard, each click of the mouse..
    maybe it's an evil plot and there trying to take over the world with there hypnotic advertisements, one ad at a time...

    Nah this should defiantly send a message to those types of company's that they might of found a loop hole to beat this whole spyware campaign, but now they have got to be crapping themselves cause they to will get closed down..
    And to have your asset's frozen, ouch that's gonna hurt.

    thanks for sharing the link EG..

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