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Thread: Free Windows????

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    Free Windows????

    Microsoft is considering an ad-supported version of Windows for future release. When referring to OS generated revenues, they had this to say:

    "It seems possible that we could match that revenue via ads, but there are difficult UI (user interface) issues to solve, since the OS does not have a natural way to display ads that does not annoy users," the Microsoft workers said in the paper.
    Bullshit....Windows LOVES pop-ups and other such ad-crap...ask anybody. The truth is that there is NO way to advertise without annoying people. I'd bet that if the price is right that MORE people would chose to remove the ads...could this be the next logical step in combatting piracy?

    What will really be interesting is seeing how this version of Windows will get along with Spybot, Adaware and HijackThis.

    /me sees a major "hiccup" looming in the windshield....
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    you just know what will happen:
    * They make an ad-supported version of Windows
    * It earns them money, more so than straight up sales
    * Ad-support becomes standard in OEM Windows
    * I go and bomb the M$ HQ

    Teh endeth! >.<
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    bleh if i wanted to see advertisements, then i' would just turn on the television set and watch all the colourful ad's flash before my eyes..

    just gives you more reason to turn to a *nix app then..

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    Semms quite normal to me... I have seen ads in, well, I can only think of Adobe's Acrobat Reader right now. But they're not at all intrusive, and don't annoy me in the slightest. Adobe gets paid to use them, and I get the reader for free, without being annoyed. Everyone leaves happy.

    The ads wouldn't need to be popups or background replacements or anything... maybe a news ticker in the taskbar, or a fullscreen ad just on startup. Hey, if we want it for free, we have to pay the code monkeys somehow... small ads like that might work.

    The problem I can see is when Microsoft decides to place hugeass ads instead of little ones. Like ads replacing the background, or flash ads a la AO. Ads like the "updates are ready" bubble or MSN bubbles might interfere with games. It's going to be a fine line if they try it. It has worked before on smaller scales, so I think they might be able to work it.

    But altogether, I'm not opposed to the idea, if it's done well.
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    I see wallpapers changing every 30 seconds or so ... man that would annoy the hell out of me ...or every where you look you see those small ads just in the "right" spot to attrack attention and keeping you of starting that program you actually want.

    Or they place there ads just in that place you are most likely to "click" by accident and start a pop-up war .

    No this idea sickens me ...I can live with free programs like Adobe Acrobat Reader with small ads in them that don't track attention.

    But you just know that this will not work for M$ ...they just love getting your attention

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    And if you designed a crack that would kill the ads, would they
    try to sue you for piracy?

    Would there be a EULA that required you to look at the ads
    and buy their deodorant?
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    That's why I'm focusing most of my attention on Linux now. Microsoft is such BS!!!

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    Originally posted here by rcgreen
    And if you designed a crack that would kill the ads, would they
    try to sue you for piracy?
    Neh.. DMCA violations ofcourse..

    You know why that law is there..
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