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Thread: Computer Associates is dead

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    Computer Associates is dead

    Well..kinda...like Tom's Hardware...new name...new direction...more new products to play with...

    The company once known as Computer Associates is dead, replaced by a new company called as CA. The changes to the company name and logo symbolize CA's new direction, which will bring about an "evolution not revolution" in the IT industry, CA president and chief executive John Swainson said in his opening keynote at CAWorld in Las Vegas on Sunday.

    Those changes will extend into IT organizations, Swainson promised, as CA works with them to implement its vision of Enterprise Information Technology Management.

    "CA is a changed company," Swainson said. "But it's not an entirely new company. We've taken the strengths of the past and combined them with new initiatives, strategies, and ideas to ensure that CA is the clear industry leader in meeting the evolving information technology needs of customers."

    Swainson announced that Computer Associates is officially changing its name to CA, and unveiled a new corporate logo that removes a circle around CA, and unites the letters C and A. He said his first task leading CA has been making people "believe again in the power of CA," an effort that will frame its new "Believe Again" marketing strategy.

    On Monday, in the biggest single product launch in the company's history, CA is scheduled to introduce 26 integrated products, and 85 total products, that Swainson said will provide a real substantiation of the EITM strategy.

    "EITM is CA's vision for transforming the management of IT," Swainson said. "It's a vision that unifies and simplifies the management of enterprise-wide IT through the use of products based on a common, integrated, automated, and secure platform."
    InformationWeek > Systems Management > Computer Associates Is No More; A New CA Will Be At Center Of Evolving IT Industry, Swainson Says > November 13, 2005

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    Ding, Dong, the w-... oops! wrong song.

    I wish them luck.


    BTW, I mentioned this to my coworker and his comment was: "Are they trying to hide from the litigators? Make them confuse the company with Canada (CA)?"


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