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Thread: Anybody ready for Free Classic T.V. Downloads

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    Anybody ready for Free Classic T.V. Downloads

    New York Times is reporting that Warner Brothers will have over 100 classic TV shows available for free download with a 1-2 minutes of commercials per episode. From the article: "There is a catch. To use the technology, viewers will have to agree to participate in a special file-sharing network. This approach helps AOL reduce the cost of distributing-high quality video files by passing portions of the video files from one user's computer to another. AOL says that since it will control the network, it can protect users from the sorts of viruses and spyware that infect other peer-to-peer systems."
    Slashdot | Classic TV for Free Download

    I tried the link it said it's been exceeded already ...AOL...file-sharing?????

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    As I understand it, you must be on AOL or a member or something. Not fully publicly available. 'Course, that don't mean someone isn't going to set up a secondary site from their feed.

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    I tried the link it said it's been exceeded already ...AOL...file-sharing?????
    More likely "slashdotted"...............http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=0...tid=129&tid=95

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