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Thread: Is this a real expectation or....

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    Is this a real expectation or....

    Is this a real expectation or.... isnt my experience range broad enough..

    Particular Skills/Competencies: Excellent knowledge across a range of hardware and software products especially PCAnywhere, Backup software such as HP DataProtector, Anti-virus software (Trend), Microsoft Office suite, IIS, Ms Exchange 2003, Ms Windows workstation, Ms Windows server 2003, Ms ISA, and any web development/design tools. Current knowledge of PC/Desktop, WAN, and LAN environments. Knowledge or experience in SurfControl E-mail/Web Filter, Cisco, SAP, and HP-UX would be desirable. Experience on patch panels, and PABX will be an advantage.
    oh and they wanted this to be a min of 5 years experience..

    ahhh how old is exchange 2003?
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    They probably mean 5year min in all catogories, in other words you can add all the years up that you've worked with each program and it must be higher then 5years as an minimum.. Well that's how i understand the concept to work..
    could be wrong.


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    simple... they needed a comp. expert!?!?.... but who???

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    If they really mean what they stated, then they are tyring to tell, "We don't have a position for you, get a life!"
    BUT, I don't think they really mean what they stated! Because it is impossible to find someone meet their criteria!
    Undies, if you are interested apply and I'm pretty sure they will accept your CV, and give you that position!
    They don't know what they are talking about!

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    It depends only for what you are going to say during INTERVIEW. This is just a matter of
    reverse psychology... they are just asking if you know this, if you know that, etc... then your
    answer should be YES, YES!, and YES....

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    LOL Their admin either QUIT on bad terms or died. What happened was the admin started as a tech, promoted - some idiot decided to purchase sap, admin guy went to training and learned how to modify the mods in sap. Probably upgraded the network at one time - I'm pretty sure to support sap.

    couldn't get citrix or another upgrade for sap so used pcanywhere for remote access to sap. Since pcanywhere is the cheapest way (free is usually not an option in corporate America) and one of the first things any bad guy looks for, it's probably locked down port forwarded, null routed, whatever. Surfcontrol was installed and he went to training.

    I'm available as I have worked with all listed. but I have a pretty hefty price tag

    /toots own horn

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    Yeah...the above requirements are not impossible to have..

    You work for a few years at a company with a small IT department, and you'll just about of experienced all of that.

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    hahah wedge SAP between cisco and HP-UX and you have one weird role... not to mention the PABX and MS office additives!!!

    What's the probability the person who wrote/reviewed the ad is pointy-haired? Either that or the departing admin wrote the job description as they left!!!

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    Yeah, I've seen way too many of those qualification lists. What it says to me is that the company had an IT staff of 5 or so. They canned them all and now they want to replace them with one person. I can say I've done about all those things, but not all at once and I'm not current in some of it. They want a computer/network guru with significant web production/design experience. And ... can read IDS logs.

    If they believe they are going to get a productive employee with all that experience and have all that responsibility ... I got a bridge in New York that I'll sell them, too.

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    Sounds lagit to me, besides myself I know a few people who would meet those ualifications...any one who has spent tiem as a bench consultiant for a small/midsize firm or as the IT guy for a small to midsize company would meet the requirments...so whats the pay
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