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Thread: Virus Writers looking to cash in

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    Virus Writers looking to cash in

    Code change

    The difference is due to a change in those who write viruses, said Mr Wong. Formerly the creators of malicious programs just wanted to spread fast to as many machines as possible.

    "Now it's about financial gain not fun."
    Seems like the fun has gone out of virus writing for some folks.


    They now feel it is best to keep the virus below the radar, instead of boasting about it, which means the next generation of Trojans/Worms are going to be that much harder to stay on top of.
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    usually, popularity of the virus depends upons the ability of the virus finding its way to a major web site or organisation. then the amount of damage it inflicts before it is removed or quarentiened.
    the antivirus programs are programmed to run at a perticular time. now imagine someone puts a virus into a secured network, then it gets distributed into other computers and then someone copies one of the virus, and puts into another network and so on. that would really do it. no...
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    Full scans run at particular times, but real-time protection would catch malware as it is copied, moved or otherwise touched inside the secured network. No net admin worth his or her salt would depend on once-daily scans for AV.

    At least, I hope not.

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    at least doing it for profit is something i can understand...not approve of... but understand. screwing up somebodys computer because they're 'lame' thereby making oneself cool was something i never could understand. some of the first viruses were kinda of funny roaches running accross the screen and such...that was kind of cool, but then they started to become destructive. thats when they stopped making any sense to me.
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