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Thread: Sony...you very bad! bad! Bad! BAD!

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    Sony...you very bad! bad! Bad! BAD!

    OOOOOHHH...and the story undfolds even more....BhaaaaaaHaaaaaaa

    Deaths Hand writes "According to this Dutch article the Sony DRM software (or rootkit, if you may prefer) contains code from the LAME MP3 encoder project, which is licensed under the LGPL. However, the source code has not also been distrbuted, hence breaching the license. Here is an english translation of the page." So apparently Sony violates your privacy to create a backdoor onto your machine using code that violates an Open Source license . This story just keeps getting stranger.
    Slashdot | Sony Rootkit Allegedly Contains LGPL Software

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    Just wait till someone reveals all of the sweat shop children employed to mass produce the labels for all of Sony's cds that come with the rootkit, then things will start to get interesting.
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    sony is seriously is playing from both sides of the deck

    officially they support linux (w/ IBM) but then they install spyware on their music CD's (Slashdot) and now this...
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    Some more updated information, plus lawsuits against Sony - I can feel various' State Attorney General's starting to go through their suing rituals:


    Like the article states, and now I will twist, "Pile it on - Sony's Lawsuits and Trojan Variants!"

    I can't believe what Sony triped out made it past their lawyers - naughty.
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    This seems to be old hat for Sony.....

    What few people realize is that Sony uses another copy protection program,Sunncomm MediaMax, on other discs in their catalog, and that this system presumably is not included in the moratorium. Though MediaMax doesn’t resort to concealing itself with a rootkit, it does behave in several ways that are characteristic of spyware.

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    I'm starting to think that maybe soon it's gonna be Bye Bye Sony

    i'm sure as time goes on there are going to be other discovery's of not just Sony using this type of program, and that some heads are gonna start rollin because of all this Bad Publivity that's gonna be coming there way..

    Would love to be a fly on the wall when Sony's C.E.O get's fired

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    After all the popularity of Apple Ipods, I'm sure Sony is scrambling for every advantage they can get, by hook or by crook. I hope that they get sued over this!
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    I hope they all die.

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    Time to hand in your bad CD's kids!


    Is this happening in US as well?


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