Something that I've been working on for almost.... Well when I got the file for the first time like two years ago I wasn't sure what the hell could open it.

You see me and my cousin were learning about key loggers and I had one on a machine I admin here at home and he wanted to put on on his machine at his house to see who was using his computer all the damned time.

The jack ass downloaded some key logger and had no idea what one in particular, and hands me a file with an ltr extension, and for the life of me I can't find ONE that even uses this.

I can't read it at all.

it's a .ltr file extension and I'm really just wondering What the HELL it can be opened with and what key logger he used.

Yea, people in my family actually do **** like this where they hand me this thing and say open it.


Found this here:

Downloading a copy now to see if it's going to work. This has to be one of the worst key loggers in existence though so if anyone wants to try it don't bother. You have to use their damned software just to read the crap.