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    Need Help

    I and many of other gamers have had a problem with a group of hackers. The group is called the g00ns. Thier web site is http://www.g00ns.net/ they pride on the victims they have messed with. Just listen to this poor kid we know as jester in our gaming community, the g00ns hacked his msn http://born-to-kill.com/downloads/Jester_Cries!.mp3 My request is simple, hire a hacker " Leet one" to take out this group. Money will not be an issue for these jerks. The knowledge they obtained is being used for the wrong things and needs to stop. Also if this offends the admin or part of a rule of what not to post on this web site please forgive me. I will not post again on this subject.

    Gus Frias

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    Contact the authorities. You're asking us to put our asses on the line for you. Jail time is not worth it.
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    old subject :
    same answer :

    this is a security site, where we discuss security [amongst other themes]
    this is not [ at least not when I last looked] a 'hit' community

    If you were to re-phrase your request into a 'better' post, I am certain that there are members here who will give freely of their time to help you help YOURSELF ...........

    1st rule : all updates to be applied
    2nd rule : load and run a variety of FREE security tools [Anti - Virus is but one line of defence]
    3rd rule : Firewalls will be set up and configured correctly on all PC's facing out to the WWW.
    4th rule : search for data on all the above, read and inwardly digest, then implement.

    As a first, get a trojan scanner and run that too...........

    for a list of links, and IMHO a reasonable tut to start out with click here

    I know it's not exactly what you are after, but it does give links to the tools.

    I assume that your 'clan' are running windows [2K / XP] and that you have a communal website / forum [no, I haven't followed your link] So I'd suggest that you get them to also follow your new regime, not TOO closely, but close enough to help keep your PC AS your PC

    As you progress, you will discover various tricks and tips for yourself
    THEN you will start to be better protected against the ****tards out there who have no life, and so they wallow in the mire trying to wreck yours.

    to attack them, is to put yourself at their level [lower than a snakes belly in a cart track]
    put it behind you, get on with the learning and living.

    your continued success is the ultimate 'finger' to them.

    and welcome to AO
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    Did either of you even look at the site or listen to the mp3?

    First of all....it's pretty hilarious. I cried laughing. I know, it's not right but this kid put his password up on a gaming site and the g00ns got a hold of it in conjunction with his username, got into his MSN, deleted his accounts and then emptied out his photobucket photos.

    So the 'rules' don't really apply. You should really look at a post in it's entirety before spouting off the basic generic response. It was a stupid mistake he paid for. A site like a gaming site/clan should never ask for a password for something like MSN. It was probably the same password used on his photobucket account.

    As for paying to have them hacked, not going to happen here. Best idea would be to learn from this and move on. Remember, always be sure of who you are posting your password to. Don't keep your passwords the same on every site you visit...use common sense. There are people out there like the g00ns who thrive on the lack of it.

    Our very own Tony Bradley is a genius :P Here's a good guide on creating a good password...just make sure to keep it to yourself.

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    Did either of you even look at the site or listen to the mp3?
    no, I haven't followed your link
    So the 'rules' don't really apply.
    the 'rules' ALWAYS apply, you say they don't and then start to apply them yourself
    but a better reasoned reply tham mine
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    An uber elite hacker group called the goons.................................. some people just have too much time on their hands.

    Anyone listened to that mp3? They sound like a bunch of skiddie kids who can just about manage to delete that guys email and then email his address book telling everyone he is gay.

    Ohh to be that ...uber!!
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    I have a gaming site that fell victim to them..

    It was my fault though as I had not updated some software on their.

    Passwords were secure 8 letter password with a combo of letters and numbers.

    The way they got in though, was by using a hole in outdated forum software.

    Your best bet to defend against these guys is:

    1. Change all passwords that allow access to any type of administration access.
    2. Make sure all your software is up to date.
    3. Install AV on your server
    4. this ones optional but its what I do on my linux server....I have a script that automatically updates the AV software everynight and everything else ont he server..and it emails me a weekly log of all activity caught by the firewall and AV.

    If you follow those steps, your site will be quite a bit safer, but not invulnerable.

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