I recently just changed jobs from a large UNIX IT department to the support staff of a small MS admin/security software development firm. While I've been able to keep up alright with the MS stuff, I think it's time I start looking at ways to enhance my MS knowledge. I've been looking into studying for an MCSE, and I have some questions for any existing MCSE's we have in the house:

1. Is it reasonable to think I can achieve an MCSE from books alone? I'm a pretty technically savvy guy, and I earned an MCP for Windows 98 a few years back from one or two books. I just don't have the funds for these $10,000 boot-camp intensives.

2. Should I ignore the full MCSE goal for now, and just concentrate on 1 MCP exam at a time? Is it even possible to study for these things all at once?

3. How much time is reasonable to achieve a full MCSE? I realize that's highly dependent upon how much I study, and how well I learn, but if folks could give me some example stories, that'd be great.

4. Any other advice you can offer, would be greatly appreciated!