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    Hey Hey,

    Since I've been asked about this twice now... I'm going to throw up a quick post here for everyone to see..

    DailyDave is a mailing list run by Dave Aitel of ImmunitySec (http://www.immunitysec.com)

    His background (as seen on the company bio page)
    Previously employed by @stake, the National Security Agency
    Author of sharefuzz, SPIKE and SPIKE Proxy
    Previously given talks at BlackHat, PacSec and G-Con
    Discovered vulnerabilities in: CDE, Solaris, IIS, HP, CA Unicenter, Real
    Co-Author of The Hacker's Handbook (CRCPress)
    Co-Author of The Shellcoder's Handbook (Wiley)
    The mailing list is things in the world of IT/Security that he finds interesting and wants to comment on... It can also be posted to by other members of the list... It's not very high traffic (I've gotten 6 emails today I believe)... but it's usually interesting and ahead of many other sites/news sources..

    If you're interested in signing up you can check it out @ http://lists.immunitysec.com/mailman/listinfo/dailydave

    IT Blog: .:Computer Defense:.
    PnCHd (Pronounced Pinched): Acronym - Point 'n Click Hacked. As in: "That website was pinched" or "The skiddie pinched my computer because I forgot to patch".

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    Hey I check this out it lools very cool I signed up maybe you will be hearing from me soon on dailydave

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