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    Outside Tutorials Index

    Hey Hey,

    We have our tutorial forums for original tutorials by members. I think it's time we had something for outside tutorials that members are stumbling across... Sort of like if the Tutorial Index and the Downloads Section had a child... user submitted outside urls... we have many random pages of links to tutorials... we could centralize these by topic and make them searchable...

    My proposal is to add it as a new section here in AO.... This may or may not be possible.. (JupM?)... if it's not then I'll have a use for the main branch of aoaddicts.net... If JupM can't do it... I'll start to work on the design and database setup and ask members to PM me with various tutorials they'd like to see added (if it takes off with success I'll create a user submission page as well).

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    I second that motion. One of my first posts was a link to a site that has one of the best collections of good solid information for the IT professional. I posted it (Double post actually) in the tut section.

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