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Thread: Top 'N' anti-spyware programs

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    Senior Member
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    Oct 2005
    When it comes down to it theres no one program that is the be all end all. I use
    -hoster (clean the host file right of the bat and mark it read only just cuz)
    -Adaware (update full system scan) - If I'm working on a slower/old machine I use Ewido as it seems to be lighter and less of a load on the machine. but hate the noise if uses when find somehting. (gets rid of pettie viruses)
    -autoruns ( if hijack and msconfig had a baby this would be it) used to clean startup and such.
    -hijackthis (usually just run this once everything is clean because I've only been using autoruns for a short time and have been using HJT forever and want to make sure it does the same job)

    that will usuallly do it, if theres problems I use
    -processxp to suspend the process then kill the regfiles (if dlls are locked into winlogon )
    -killbox to delete dlls on reboot. works for everything but winlogon + dlls as they start before
    -nod32 trial (viruses/trojans/backdoors/general maleware)
    -thecleaner trial (viruses/trojans/backdoors/general maleware)

    Also I use firefox untill the spyware guys figure out howto exploit the hell outta that, its bound to happen sooner then later.
    meh. -ech0.

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    Fastest Thing Alive s0nIc's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    I only use Spyware Doctor... mainly coz i work for em lol..

    but for other reasons.. its easy to use, does a good job, and we make improvements and updates everyday.

    Is there a Doctor in your house? lol

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    Dec 2003


    I already posted which 5 software programs i use well if u count rootkit revealer then i forgot to put that one cuz that is pretty helpful at times, but i can say this ; i have tried ewido and also that microsoft beta and i did not like either one. i have never tried ice sword or trend antispy so i cannot really say. i do have a copy of black light but i never installed it.

    regmon to me is about useless i mean what does it do besides monitor ur registry moves i dunno i see no purpose for that unless ur a programmer or something.

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    Nov 2005
    Im going to have to go with Ad-Aware. My father first started using it when it was featured on MSN and made me a fan. I've tried all the other onesAd- and for some reason I keep going back to it. However, a lot of my friends use hijackthis.

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    Fastest Thing Alive s0nIc's Avatar
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    Sep 2001
    for tools, i got lots.. mostly from SysInternals. Proccess Explorer, TCPView, FileMon, RegMon. And theres also IceSword and Rootkit revealer.. IceSword is good coz not even rootkits can hide from it.

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