Hello everyone,

Most of you know |3lack|ce. I'm his other half. He's asked me to post here to ask the administrators to please not delete either his or my accounts even though they're coming from the same IP. We're using 2 computers on the same network.

Now a bit about me.

The easiest way to get me to do something is tell me I can't do it. I'll go out of my way to help the underdog, for example in my volenteer work and pro bono work. I like to stay busy, continuing my education, with my work, and my volenteer efforts. I'm a self-taught computer geek. I became interested in computers due to helping friends with their business and it kind of grew on me. I've worked as a help-desk senior technician for Aohell (where I met my hubby). I know windows pretty well, but there are always things I can learn. I hope to learn more about security and general computer knowledge here. I know enough about computers to know that I need to learn more. |ce tells me that's the beginning of the 'geek realiziation' that I'll never learn everything about them. It still surprises me of the 'computer people' that don't even know that Microsoft Access is a computer program.

I like to get new programs and play with them until I know them well. I'm currently working on learning Access, and refining my knowledge in Excel and PowerPoint. From an early age I learned that I love the legal field. I'm pretty tough to beat in an argument, and I dearly love doing research.

Other than |ce's daughter by a previous marriage, my kids are all grown, unless you count |ce. I had 3 boys, the oldest being 23 and a Marine, the youngest is 19.

That's pretty well me, although I'm curious what all |ce has told you that wasn't so nice. He's typing this for me as I dictate because I have major homework to get finished for the courses I'm taking.

Oh, I'm very opinionated in things but I try to keep an open mind with the way things are in our world today.

I hope to be a good contributor here, but mainly I hope to learn with your help!