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Thread: A warm AO Welcome to Mrs_lce

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    A warm AO Welcome to Mrs_lce

    Welcome aboard the good ship AntiOnline!

    To answer your question in Roll Call...yes...l3lacklce has been a very bad boy telling us all the gritty details in your life...unfortunately you're going to have to post another 274 posts before you can get into Addicts to see for yourself the multitude of threads devoted just to you

    And we look forward to all the embarrassing and awkward statements you may have about him.

    Please...feel free to share...we're here for ya!



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    Originally posted here by Yuck Fou!
    A warm AO Welcome = PooP
    Hey Special-Ed seems you like PooP so much, considering that's all that comes outta your mouth.
    Seems there's a Forum were YOU can talk about PooP as much as you wish.

    Talk About PooP HerE

    Oh and welcome Mrs_Ice..

    And Eg no harm no foul huh...

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    hey mr_ice... does Mrs_ice know the penguin yet?

    i hope so by now :-P

    welcome to the party Mrs_ice

    stay away on the weekends... can get alittle crazy around here... people are calmer during the week.. but the general insanity is half the fun of this site.... just be on your guard
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    Hello Mrs_lce

    And welcome to the latest episode of "In Harm's Way"...............................otherwise known as "hunt the spazzilist"...............(Bismarck?)

    He might have appeared polite?..............he isn't

    I wonder when he will discover the keylogger....................................

    Please have a great time here

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    Tisk, tisk, tisk...Spec...do you really have to ruin every thread you post in?...


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    HEy hey,

    We cant get to warm in the greeting... dont want to melt the Ice lady...

    so here's a Undies Frosty greeting, and to be welcome I present a cold shoulder..

    Greets from und3rtak3r..
    Hi Nihil, and Eg, just a casual visit to day.. i expect to get very busy up to christmas.. then the excrement hits the fan.. so thodays post will be the exception.. cheers untill next time
    "Consumer technology now exceeds the average persons ability to comprehend how to use it..give up hope of them being able to understand how it works." - Me http://www.cybercrypt.co.nr

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    She's here ?!?!

    /me hides
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    Fighting with the wireless router right now to get her laptop back on. Linksys doesn't like dell much methinks...

    I'm sure she'll post a nice response once we get done working here. In the interim, you're still stuck with me! muhaha!

    (/me is getting growled at because he's not fixing the freaking thing instead of posting here, so returns to his work).

    [edit] She doesn't know the penguin just yet, but she's warming up to it from afar - t'won't be long I'm sure...[/edit]

    [edit2] fixed... annoying thing really - something to do with mac cloning. I'll be askin about wireless security later on in different forums...but for now, get ready, because she's formulating a response as I type this![/edit2]
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    Thank you all for such a warm welcome. I wish I could stay longer at this moment I have to go do household errands.I'll take the advice and be back for sure in the week.C-you soon
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