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    DVD recording


    i have a data file of 4.5GB and i have to record it in DVD 4.7GB recordable. but the problem is some files are corrupted meaning i cant open it but the file folder itself has been copied. Why is it happened. Is there something wrong during my CD burning?


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    I would have to say that something indeed did happen durin the recordin procedure.
    Once the disk had finished Recordin, did any type of error messages appear.?.

    What type of Recording program were you using?

    Did you check the Programs logs to see if any error occured, and if so what was the error?

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    Hi, and welcome to AO,

    I assume that you have checked that the files are OK on your machine?

    First thing I would try is to burn at half-speed. I have found that some media does not record or re-write at what it claims..............so never buy "cheap" media.................unless you want coasters, in which case AOL will send you lots of them for free

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    Read up on "overburning" at www.cdfreaks.com . This is the best "burning" site I have found on the web so far and I'm sure you'll find good answers there.
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    thanks for the reply...

    am using SONY DVD+R, 4.7GB, 1x-8x
    it was OVERRUN ERROR

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    Just burn at a slower speed. What is happening is that parts of your kit are running faster than others and a buffer (storage area) is overflowing. This will give you an error message or maybe just a corrupted file.

    This is a similar sort of problem that used to happen when you ran Windows 98 on a box with a fast processor and an 8Mb hard drive cache. When you shut down, the box would turn off before the cache had been completely written to the drive, so you lost data.

    I would also check that you have the latest operating system updates, and that you have the latest drivers for your burner

    EDIT: And make sure that you are at default settings (apart from the speed). If you mess with the priorities to make your burner go faster/more efficiently you frequently mess up

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    now it's OK!. i burned it with the speed of 8x only and it goes PERFECT!

    thanks again

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    For future refrence, I always recommend restarting the box, close any un-needed programs and burn at a slower speed to people when they have problems with DVD copying. Especially if the are having buffer overun errors.
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