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Thread: iexplore.exe-Application Error?

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    iexplore.exe-Application Error?

    am sicked of this message please help...

    iexplore.exe - Application Error

    The instruction at "0x77f516c5" reference memory at "0x01290010".
    The memory could not be read.

    Click OK to terminate the program.

    what's is this?

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    that's internet explorer crashing, and could be caused by any number of things.

    Have you considered trying firefox?
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    Firefox... ok i will try.

    there's another error:

    The exception unknown software exception (0xc0000008) occured in the application at location 0x77f9e4b4.

    Click OK to terminate the program.
    Click on CANCEL to debug the progra.

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    Hey get these, update them, reboot into SAFE MODE and run them. Do the same with your antivirus.



    Last one is Spybot Search & Destroy

    Let's make sure it isn't malware first?

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    What is your current version of Java Runtime Enviroment, to find out go to add/remove programs and check the version that is on your machine.

    The code you referenced 0x77f9e4b4 seems to have something to do with JRE, and IE needs to have JRE to view some sites, so if there is a bug in your current JRE, you may need to update it to a newer version, also, and I am assuming you are using Win Xp and not Win 2000, do you have the SP2 installed?

    Also like nihil mentions, be sure to run some scans and clean up your OS in safe mode.

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    thanks guys...

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