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Thread: Change of Scenery

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    Change of Scenery

    I've decided that I'd really like to try living in Europe for a bit... unfortunately my language skills are pretty much limited to English and Ada (though truth be told, my Ada is pretty poor). This of course limits me to the UK and Ireland I suppose.

    Work visas in both of these countries are a real pain... so I figured I'd just throw caution to the wind. Any of you European types work for a company that might have some information security personnel needs and feel like putting in a good word for me? (My personality is better reflected through private messages than posts, in case you think I'm a huge pain)

    Anyhow... despite my protests I actually do know quite a bit about Linux/UNIX security, virus protection, and other such things that I complain about. I have an MIS degree, CISM, and CISSP and a smidge over 10 years experience split over consulting and management (3/7) all of it security related. If you have any questions feel free to ask here or in private... I am not too picky about the role, just something in the field that'll not force me to live off of my savings.



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    Hey catch,

    I will try but I might need an upfront abbreviated CV (resume?)

    DO NOT rule yourself out of the rest of Europe.............the level you operate at they all speak English.

    Now, I have this favourite Gulag...........................

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    to try and get a taste of the job market here try jobserve
    just search by city rather than by qualification, as it then gives up ALL the jobs in that area.

    So, I'd assume London
    Job Type Permanent Contract/Temp Any
    Within last 7 Days
    Industries: IT jobs 24996
    should give you something to read on the flight over
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    Hi catch,

    There's always Canada...we'd be happy to have you...it's not Europe but it'd definitely give you the change you're obviously looking for.


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    Cursory CV:
    This role indicates an ownership of the project with involvement limited to strategy, initiation/ approval, procuring resources, and providing status/ROSI reports to Sr. Management
    • ISO 21827 focused framework to foster an environment of continual improvement within the InfoSec department and related developments
    • Whistle blower intranet site for anonymous non-compliance reporting
    • ISO 17799 based policy ensuring compliance with legislative essentials
    • Facilitated Risk Analysis Process was implemented to hasten and improve the identification and preservation of assets and requirements
    System Architect:
    This role involves feasibility analysis, top-level specification authoring, requirements mapping, modeling, calculating validation proofs, and resource requirements
    • Two-factor authentication system immune from “shoulder surfing” with a seamlessly integrated, optional duress alarm on critical accounts
    • Dynamic network worm quarantine system designed for DARPA to resolve the failings of existing Network IDSes utilizing heuristic risk labels, honeynet mirroring, and automatic/ preemptive infected host isolation
    • Offensive Information/Cyber/Electronic Warfare system addressing: Computer Network Attack, Electronic Warfare, Information Warfare Integration, Military Deception, and Physical Attack for the USAF
    • ERP security suite introducing inference protections, mandatory confidentiality and integrity controls, centralized data sanitation, aggregation awareness, seamless data encryption, and least privilege
    • Kernel-level application isolation system to implement least privilege, keyed-executable locking, and structured domains to control both desktop applications and services within the Windows 2000 operating system
    Security Implementation Lead:
    This role indicates acting as the Information Security Department presence for relevant Business, Operations, and Human Resources initiatives and projects
    • ISO 12207 – Wrote in a security requirements development methodology and both formal/ informal validation and verification models/ procedures
    • HR Policy – Wrote in requirements regarding background checks, role-rotation, mandatory vacation, and the granting/removal of system access
    Project Manager:
    This role involves directly managing of the project including: direct supervision and leadership of up to six team members, resource allocation, scheduling and reporting
    • Penetration testing suite including plan development, third party/ISP approval, separation of duties, tool selection, vulnerability identification
    • Trusted facility suite including system role requirements, installation / operations procedures, and policy auditing tools to ensure the compliance of Windows NT/2k, Trusted Solaris, and various network appliances
    • Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, and Incident Response Policy including checklists, structured walkthroughs, and live testing

    Director, Information Security
    XXXXXXXX (May 98-Oct 05)
    A mid-90’s telecommunication services and research start-up, now a multi-million dollar corporation serving the IT, Financial, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Defense, IT, Medical, and Research sectors in over 20 countries
    • Act as the primary point of contact for communications dealing with information technology security problems, issues and concerns.
    • Develop and implement the controls needed to protect private and proprietary information.
    • Manage through indirect authority and matrixed organization structures.
    • Manage up to six analysts, auditors, administrators, or developers.
    • Create a strategic information security plan with a vision for the future of information technology security that addresses management’s fiduciary and legal responsibilities, customer expectations for secure modern business practices and the competitive requirements of the marketplace.
    • Develop action plans, schedules, budgets, status reports, and other top management communications intended to improve the status of information security.
    • Participate in annual budget development process.
    • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with the groups involved with information security matters.
    • Create and communicate performance reviews, goals/objectives, and training plans identifying skills gaps and closing them.
    • Provides input to decisions regarding hiring, firing, advancement, promotion or any other change of status of direct and indirect reports.
    • Coordinate all multi-application or multi-system information security improvement projects.
    • Diligently comply with and consistently enforce the Information Security and Confidentiality policies and procedures.
    Consultant, Information Security
    XXXXXXXX (Oct 95-Jun 98)
    Clients Included: Several fortune 500 telecommunications, networking, and medical devices corporations, smaller research technology and financial services firms, public education institutes, and non-profit social services organizations
    • Participate in vulnerability and threat assessments enterprise-wide and present the subsequent reports to the Information Security Manager / Director or to the Technical Security Oversight Committee as appropriate.
    • Verify that the proposed security policies and technologies for newly deployed Web servers will adequately address known risks and business interest while minimizing the introduction of unknown risks.
    • Perform system and network level security auditing and spot monitoring to ensure the policy has been applied effectively and that users are adhering the appropriate use policy.
    • Provide pre-sales support to aide in the development or alteration to the project specification, increasing scheduling and budgetary accuracy.

    So yeah... this is just my generic copy... I would of course tailor it for any specific positions.

    As far as Canada goes, I love Vancouver and I've always wanted to check out Toronto... really Canada, Europe, or Australia would all be great. Just see where opportunity takes me.

    I have a pretty good idea of the job markets, the main issue I have is just getting sponsorship... which is where a good word from someone on the inside becomes invaluable.


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    There's always Canada...



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    Not to be whatever... but I do know how to look for a job.

    I just wanted to know if anyone overseas works for a company that has InfoSec requirements and is willing to put in a good word for me...

    Getting a visa without a job offer is difficult.
    Getting a job offer without a visa is even more difficult.
    Getting a job offer with an internal contact is easy.
    Getting a visa with a job offer is easy.

    As for the type of work... I think something that falls in line with my resume would be nice, otherwise all the kind words from an internal source won't get me past HR (and in the unfortunate event that they do... I'll be clueless in my new role) Doesn't need to be managerial though... any sort of InfoSec expert role would be good.



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    Nihil has an excellent point: with your level of expertise, and with English being your native language, language issues will be the last thing on your mind when going to Europe. As long as you avoid France, Spain, and Italy, most Europeans will be perfectly able to communicate with you in English. IT companies in Western European countries other than the three mentioned rarely require their employees to speak the native language.

    Expect to make less than you're making now, and expect to pay more for everything (especially housing, cars, gasoline...). On the other hand: expect a full-blown benefits package that doesn't stop with a company car. The other benefits (excellent retirement, insurance...) you probably won't be able to take advantage of...

    Anyways: good luck! If you'd ever end up in Belgium in your search, just tell them that you're there to replace me, and mumble something about "making up for the severe brain drain" and stuff...

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    Yeah... I am open to anywhere in Europe, I just figured that i'd be limited to English speak countries. Though when searching for jobs... since I can't read other languages I seem pretty limited there as well. (All the more reason for a contact)

    Maybe I should post a list of where I am willing to relocate to: (in no real order)
    Australia, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Hungary, Iceland... even places like the Czech Republic, Poland, and Lithuania... with an interesting offer.

    At this point I just want to get out of the US for a few years and maybe see some new places.



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    In fact they speak better English than most of us American's. Since they actually pay attention in school. And since most of Euope is latin based, you will pick up baic skills rather quickly. Especially when it's all around you, on TV in the shops at the train station etc. Take that OFF the list.

    At this point I just want to get out of the US for a few years and maybe see some new places.
    Excellent! You might not come back. Not that this is a bad place, but advanture awaits! You can look at American government contractors just to get over there. Both DOD and State Dept. Also why limit yourself to Europe? My favorite places in the entire world are in the north middle east and baltic reagions. And don't count out the warm climates of the south pacific. But if Euro is your cup of tea, consider the GOV. Might get you there and you can make local contacts going forward.


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