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Thread: Arrrrrrrgh! DVD

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    Arrrrrrrgh! DVD

    Friggin' fraggin' fruckin' cheap DVD player/recorder...just bought a Cyberhome DVD Recorder and trying to hook it up with my GE VCR and cheap Walmart Durabrand 13inch T.V.

    trying to transfer all my videos to DVD's..says right on the box it can be hooked up to do that...quote " transfer home movies from VCR to DVD "

    but I must be doing something wrong...because the menu is suppose to come up and it doesn't...it's ON and the VCR works and the T.V. works...but no on screen menu for the DVD...

    they neglected to provide instructions for a DVD VCR T.V. set-up in the manual itself...

    the way I have it set-up now is:

    I have the cable-line going into the DVD...the DVD to the VCR...and the VCR to the T.V....then I have the audio/video cables going from DVD to the T.V....

    Like I said...T.V.'s works fine...VCR plays and records as usual...DVD turns on but I can't access anything as the on-screen menu doesn't come up...the time is on the DVD...I'm assuming it's on standby...as the manual says under Recording from devices " ensure the VCR and the DVD recorder is powered ON and NOT in Standby mode"...
    but it doesn't tell you the difference or how to ensure they are not in standby...

    or do I have them hooked up wrong???



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    Hey EG, your first ever post that could go in a forum thats not GCC and you go and put it here! You must just be used to it!
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    Sounds like the dvd and vcr are fighting over who gets to
    talk to the tv, and the vcr is winning. Leave the vcr out
    while you troubleshoot the dvd, then connect it later.
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    Hook another set of RCA's from the Video out and Speaker Out, into the T.V's In slot for the Video and Speaker.


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    The cable line you talk of is this a coaxual cable from your Antenna? .This line will just be a uhf loop through. This needs to go into the input on the VCR>
    VCR output>DVD input>
    DVD output to TV input.

    The AV leads need to go from you DVD to the TV

    Here's a PDF, may not be you model but the principles will be the same
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    The Audio Video leads are what you need to address..

    First connect the DVD recorder/player to the TV.. confirm that the TV can hear the DVD (IE play a prerecorded movie)... this connection will be from Audio/Video (AV) Out on the DVD player to the AV-in on the TV.. now if the TV dosent have AV ins..?? I'll cover that seperatly
    You should have the menu from the DVD..

    Now that is working..
    Connect the VCR to The DVD recorder.. this will be.. AV-out on the VCR to AV in on the DVD..
    ---Have a tape playing in the VCR..--
    On the DVD recorder.. you will need to select the input or AV source, it will be one of the AV ins(some of these suckers have DVI, HDMI, SVideo, etc).. when you have the correct one selected you will have the picture that is playing on the VCR
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    Thanks guys!

    Appreciate all the help! Sorry jinxy, it wouldn't let me hit you up...too soon.


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