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Thread: Google Offers Cash for Firefox Users

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    Google Offers Cash for Firefox Users

    Ok did a quick search and didn't turn anything up so if this has been posted before sorry I missed it

    http://explorerdestroyer.com/ is offering scripts to try and convince your website visitors to mkae the switch to firefox....nothing new you say, well these scripts link into google's adsense which apparantly is offering a new scheme targetted at converting as many IE users to Firefox as possible.

    For every person you refer who downloads firefox (with the google toolbar) you receive $1 - I am still awaiting my adsense verification so I cant confirm this on google but this /. article talks about it as well


    think this may have to be added into my future web devs - I already place a 'Get firefox' link on most of them - now I can earn some cash from it as well

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    Hey Hey,

    I was actually quite excited when I saw this...

    I signed up for AdSense quite some time ago, however www.seeminglyrandom.info was deemed unfit for it... After reading this post I went and registered, however set my default domain as www.god-save.us (who'd turn that down).. I've been approved.. So I was looking for more information on this Firefox pay-out and here's what I found...

    Pick out a referral button, and add it to your site. Users who sign up for AdSense through your referral button will learn about a great product, and you'll have a new way to generate revenue - $100 when each user you refer first earns $100.

    In addition, if you are a U.S. publisher, for Firefox with Google Toolbar referrals we will pay up to $1 per referral the first time a user installs Firefox. (We hope to make this available soon to international publishers.)
    It's only open to Americans right now.... (that's from the Google:AdSense blog - http://adsense.blogspot.com/2005/11/have-you-heard.html).

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    Wow, thanks val.. I can't believe I didn't find this, considering I typically stay on top of most anything Firefox. Awesome find, I'm definitely going to signup with this and put this on some projects of mine (with permission of course ) and make some money.
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    Good gimmic but...you really have to have a very popular site to make any money with Adsense...because if you or your referrral don't have the numbers, it's going to take a very lonnnnnnng time to get to that $100...
    Adsense is really only good after you've established your site and are generating the big numbers...eg. at least 1000+ per day...and even then it wouldn't be enough to quit your job and live on...unless we're talking really big numbers, like 25000 per day...
    the big money will be with private corp ads...recently a blog was awarded a $25000 three mth contract with of all people Sony, if I remember correctly...and in my opinion it was a crap-looking blog...but it had the numbers...
    you are going to see in the next ten years a lot of the standard ad fare getting on the net...and that's where the money will be...pepsi/coke will be looking for young hip sites...GM/Ford will be scouring the net for middle-class venues...Tampax/Kotex looking for health and beauty sites...etc...

    if you have the numbers they'll come a calling.

    but if you don't have the numbers...no fancy gimmic is going to make you any richer than you already are...at best you're looking at is petty cash.


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    I read the title and thought it'd be a bit more simple..more along the lines of use firefox, get money..was actualy gonna switch

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    how does it work?
    does it register the IP of the downloader and where he clicked the link from?

    if so.. couldnt someone spoof there IP and download from that link many times... kinda like picking from the "only take one" bin many times. but waring a different hat or shirt to fake the guy out?

    heck.. if i could do that i would make a nice little script to do it for me... let it run while i was at school

    Originally posted here by Egaladeist

    but if you don't have the numbers...no fancy gimmic is going to make you any richer than you already are...at best you're looking at is petty cash.

    even petty cash fills your gas tank although i wouldnt rely on that form of income
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    The wait is over - Firefox referrals are now available internationally!
    Yes, now you can get cash for firefox referral from google internationally. Apparently Firefox referrals were only limited to US.
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