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Thread: Laugh at the stupid man

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    Laugh at the stupid man

    Longest link ever.
    I mentioned it in another thread but it's more apropriate here.

    UK TV program "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" probably syndicated in a country near you.

    Link takes you to a video of Paul Burrell (former butler to Princess Di and generally dodgy chap who sold off some of her stuff after she died, alledgedly). He has to collect stars for food for his camp.

    the stars are in containers deep inside a wall so he has to put his arm right in (rememeber the bit in Flash Gordon with Timothy Dalton?). the containers are filled with various creatures, spiders, roaches, rats etc. He squeals like a pig and greets like a bairn. I wet myself every time I see it.


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    That was great, I would love to have seen the look on his face though if someone had of played a joke and grabbed his hand while it was there. :

    truly though, the bit with the spiders, would have given me fits
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