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Thread: Password-stealing keyloggers skyrocket

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    Password-stealing keyloggers skyrocket

    Hackers are on target to release more than 6,000 keystroke loggers in 2005, a 65 per cent increase from the 3,753 keyloggers released last year, according to security intelligence outfit iDefense.

    Five years ago iDefense (which was recently acquired by net infrastructure firm VeriSign) recorded only 300 such programs, demonstrating a huge growth in a strain of malware that has become a favourite with cybercriminals as a preferred tool to plunder online banking accounts.

    A keylogger is a form of malware program that install itself surreptitiously, records keystrokes made on the infected computer and sends this data to hackers. Once a keylogging program is activated, it provides fraudsters with any strings of text a person might enter online, placing personal data and online account information at risk. Largely distributed by organised cyber theft groups, keyloggers are typically packaged with phishing emails or spyware programs.

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    An interesting heads up?..............we are now in the era of cyber crime?

    In the old days it was cheques and credit cards, and possibly the telephone, now it is computers. So many people take that "oh so easy" option to remember passwords, and fill forms.

    The bizzare thing is that they would probably be safer writing details on their equipment with a marker pen. Well at least the Rottweiler would get a chance of some fun?

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