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Thread: Logging Campus Internet Access

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    Logging Campus Internet Access

    Ok, everyone, here's my problem.

    I maintain the wireless network for my small (40 person) private college that I attend. Here is our current setup: (Cable Modem) --> (Router) --> (Wireless Access Point[WEP Encryption])

    The faculty and president have decided they want to put in place something that will log all URLs visited (and the MAC Address of the person who visited them).

    Features That Are Required:
    • Logging of something unique to a user (i.e. MAC Address) to identify the user
    • Logging of URLs visited
    • Caching of the page visited
    • Ability to whitelist pages that we do NOT want cached (i.e. for e-mail privacy)

    Features I Would Enjoy (but that are not required):
    • Ability to have a database of authorized users (users would login via webbrowser)
    • Would like all login sessions to be encrypted
    • Ability to Administrate this setup via the wireless LAN
    • An easy way to sort these logs by user/url/etc. would be _very_ nice.
    • Would like this to sit behind our router. I don't want it directly exposed to the internet if possible.
    • The cheaper we can make this thing, the better. (Open to using free or open source sofware in a heartbeat.)

    I really have no clue what to search for. Can someone point me in the right direction or give some suggestions?

    - X
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    hey man, i searched and searched all over Google and this is all i could find... I hope it helps at least a little.


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    Thanks, man! I'll look into it! While I do that, anyone else got any suggestions?

    - X
    "Personality is only ripe when a man has made the truth his own."

    -- Søren Kierkegaard

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    You can also use squid proxy with 'sarg' for report generation. But there will be a limitation that you will be unable to log mac address. You can log on ip address.
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