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    wow ... mercs patrolling new orleans

    UNIX IS user friendly, it\'s just very choosy about who it calls a friend.

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    Scary to think it's happening in the US's own backyard ............
    AND they're paying for it too ????

    Kosmo : it helps if you add a line or two with your thoughts on the matter, either pro / con ....
    As the title saying 'mercs' , I thought it meant Mercedes Benz
    just my 0.02c
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    i thought "WTF" said it all ...

    i guess this whole scenario seems like ripped from post-fallout noir novel ...

    what does it mean ... "they are supposed to confront criminals"? are they trained in knowing exactly when the crime is taking place ?..... do they have psych test to ensure they are not insane?

    by the way ... now i'm gonna be stuck w/ a nick "Kosmo"

    that was unfortunate sideeffect i didn't think of when picking a nick
    UNIX IS user friendly, it\'s just very choosy about who it calls a friend.

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    hey im a big seinfeld fan... you can be Kosmo like Cosmo/Kosmo Kramer lol... just go with it
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    Yeah, well I was checking out the employment section there. Cool jobs, wonder what they pay?

    Most require a min. of 5 years law enforcement experience. There are some security consulting possibilities, too. Since I'm qualified on several weapons and weapon systems and am pretty good at demolitions ...

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