Signs you are having Tday with a Geek :)
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Thread: Signs you are having Tday with a Geek :)

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    Signs you are having Tday with a Geek :)

    Git R Dun - Ty
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    1. The turkey is given the opportunity for a saving throw before being butchered.

    I assume its flat footed, although the dex will be high in proportion to the low intelligence.
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    Whilst you are on the site scroll down and follow the link to the RIAA stuff. That is quite amusing as well

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    I know it's a joke but I can just see some one at the RIAA seeing it and thinking "Hey, now that's a great idea".

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    this is even better:

    "The members of Metallica, who have banned mirrors and shiny objects at their Summer Sanitarium tour, feel this is a worse threat than Napster. Lars Ulrich said, "I just learned about this soul stealing technology from our managers. Stealing our music is one thing, stealing our souls is quite another. Being soulless has its advantages, but as an artist I want to have control over what happens to my soul.""
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