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    I would ask your parents for the password then....

    And yes limewire is bad...because it is a p2p sharing program...meaning you can access files on other peoples computers....and they can access files on your computer...which in MHO is bad! I dont want strangers...or anyone for that matter....having access to files on my computer.

    I dont want people accessing files on my I dont run p2p software...and I dont allow my kids to do it either (they dont know the admin password either)

    And some other things p2p sharing it can say you are downloading the lastest greatest coolest song\movie\pic......which has a malicious program hidden in it or attached to it...which can really muck up your parents\your computer and compromise the information contained on that computer....such as banking info, visa numbers and personal stuff.....

    Go buy your own computer, and pay for your internet access, set the admin password .....and download, install share whatever you want.....

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer
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    Or just download some Knoppix and work it out from there..

    bleh it's not as though he's intelligent enough to work out what to do with it once it's downloaded..
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    I will allow this crap to stay alive for 30 minutes...........balance your Aps if you wish, but then his account will be banned.................

    Some bloody pre-teen trying to social engineer ME?

    Ack Phtt!

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