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    This looks pretty cool and I'm posting this for the people who work with machines all day and need a way to look at bottlenecks and whatever else they seem to have problems with on their servers. The article shows a good run down of features and screen shots so you can check out how it looks and gives a link to a download section for an evaluation copy.

    Hard to explain who would like this more but if you work in IT at all you should at least read this.

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    Mmmh ..looks interesting ... might replace the Unix guy after all ...he's been "slacking" work lately ... to put it mildly that is ... he doesn't show up at all the past few days ... meanwhile I have to do 3 jobs because the network guy is sick as well ... ah life of the consultant yh .

    But to get back on topic ... I still believe in the "free" products ...ok you might need a "manual" if your new to the program, but in my opinion if you install and configure something yourself then you are going to have much less trouble getting something "out" of it.

    EG: Nagios

    Well that's just me not wanting to spend too much money ...I think I have some Scottish blood in me ( Not to offend anyone, it's just a saying ).

    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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