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Thread: WiNmap : New nmap frontend for Windows.

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    Arrow WiNmap : New nmap frontend for Windows.

    Fresh of nmap's mailing list

    I just want to announce that I have developed WiNmap, a new open-source
    Windows frontend for Nmap to replace the obsolete NMapWin which comes
    bundled with Nmap 3.0.

    WiNmap supports the current version of Nmap, 3.93, as well as possibly
    future versions since it does not include Nmap but is copied to the Nmap
    directory instead. Prior to using WiNmap, consequently, you will still
    need to install Nmap and WinPcap.

    WiNmap supports automatic output highlighting just like NmapFE, the Nmap
    frontend for *NIX systems. WiNmap makes almost all of Nmap's options
    accessible through an easy-to-use Windows interface. Also, WiNmap does
    not require installation, since it consists of just one single 40 KB
    Windows executable. WiNmap has been tested under Win XP and Win 98.

    Interested in trying it out? Download WiNmap now at
    http://www.philippsworld.net/software_winmap.htm (the full source code
    is available on this site as well).

    If you encounter problems or bugs while using WiNmap, or have questions,
    comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me at

    Have a nice day

    Philipp E. Weidmann

    Sent through the nmap-dev mailing list

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    Did this summer of code project fail miserably or something? Lazy students...

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    anyway....Its good.

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    No, in fact, Fyodor has commented that most of the projects went very well and integration would happen through the end of this year and into Q1 next year.

    The new MAN page is great. Have you seen it? Much more detail for those not familiar with all the kewl features.

    The HTML version is available at:

    Or you can download and install/read the man page in Nroff format from:
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