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A) writing a script makes it so you only have to do it once, umm thats the whole point

I don't WANT to write a script. I WANT to run an app and have it update, I don't give a **** if it's faster from sources.

B) If you don't understand why mergemaster is not needed for a simple patch, do some reading its quite obvious.
If you don't understand I didn't say **** about Mergemeister other than they have it in the docs. Do some reading, it's right there in the link I posted.

C) If you had looked you would have seen the telnet is an exception not the rule, hence non kernel patches don't need a reboot or to rebuild the kernel, telnet was just done that way for the ease of the masses, i believe that hpux is the only os that a kernel patch does not need a reboot IIRC
And AGAIN if you had read what I said, I used it as an EXAMPLE. This thread was about their updating system not telnet. Reaf the ****ing post.

D) Do you even know what the key is they are talking about? A mitm is doable with cvsup, not with portsnap/bsdupdate
What the hell did you read like three words and reply without chekcintg what others have posted? I think they have cleared that up.

E) Incompetent, your the one complaining about recompiling and rebooting for stuff that has a simple work around
DAMN IT. I used telnet as an EXAMPLE for the 5th time, AGAIN Telnet was an example of like 12 advisories I linked to jack ass.

F) If you are to lazy or dumb to do a simple patch maybe you should just stick with the pointy clicky thing or maybe use bsdupdate its no different than windows update other than typing a command rather than pointing and clicking.
And if you're to stupid to READ what I actually said then don't reply to my thread *******.

G) the whole philosophy is about flexability and the ability to change what you want not have everything automated for you in ways you may not want. Bsdupdate is the same as any other systems patching, easier than some i would say. You could also get off your fat lazy ass an write a front end for bsdupdate, Ya could even make it look just like windows update if you wanted.(may have already been done for all i know)
This coming from someone with no pic while hiding behind a keyboard. Personal attacks are sure to make me change my ways.

H) why don't you suggest porting swaret or whatever on a Freebsd mailist and see what kind of replies you get , i figure it will be something like "if you cannot figure out how to patch or don't have the time, then use bsdupdate its easy and thats why its there."
Na most of them are busy telling me how my tutorials should be added to the Free BSDdoc project, and I've been to busy with school and porting all those over to Slackware with the Blessing of the original authors.

If i were to make a guess you have probably already been kicked from several #FreeBSD chans and laughed at on mailing lists? Am i right?
No, not in the slightest. I've never been kicked from any channels other than Mandrake Linux channels because I told their security guys they would be better off being a janitor.

And considering I'm one of their financial supporters, no they don't laugh at me. But it was real nice of you to make your little assumptions about people you don't know.