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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving

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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving and wish you a safe traveling if you are.

    Whats everyone up to this year anyways? This is the first T-Day I haven't had a girlfriend and my family and me aren't close. My daughter is with her mom @ her Grandparents so looks like dinner @ IHOP for me!!!

    Like I said, enjoy yourself and be safe people.

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    Yeah my family adopted this american ? tradition when we moved here, so happy thanksgiving to you too. and everyone else here on AO.
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    happy thanksgiving to AO too. it would be happy for me coz next will be my vacation.
    i can see now my baby coz within two yrs. i didn't see her since birth.

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    I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving and most importantly a Safe one.


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    Thanks everyone and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and for those that may not celebrate T-Day, have a great day as well! Take care and be safe!

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Don't really celebrate it over her in Aus, but bleh i've had a few so..

    [pong]Happy Thanks Giving EveryOne[/pong]

    who's turn to buy the next round..?

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    Have a happy thanksgiving

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    Lol you guys are probably thinking I'm making this up:

    I haven't been to bed yet. It's 8:27 AM. We have a Winter Advisory because it's snowing so hard and the wind gusts are 40 MPH, you can't see across the street and it's 4 degrees Farenheit.

    I live with my Aunt and Mom, both have to work so I'm spending another Thanks Giving home alone.

    No one else is coming over which is not normal for me because I'm used to like everyone coming over for dinner and no one is today.

    So I'm spending most of the day alone with no sleep and then when my Mom gets home we are going to eat and that's it.

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    Originally posted here by nihil
    Have a happy thanksgiving

    The moderator's prayer:

    "Bless us good Lord, and these; thy TROLLS, which we are about to eat through thy bounty....Amen"

    Big and loud Amen, nihil.

    I think the spech will be busy, or would he come to troll and spoil for couple of hours?

    Happy thanksgiving

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    We've got a severe weather warning here.

    It's 2C (35F) here and we've had one little blizzard that lasted for about 20 min.
    The wind is gusting 70mph apparently (but not here).

    Shame your Thanksgiving isn't going to plan, maybe just have to get everyone to make an extra effort for Xmas.

    Hope everyone has a happy holiday.

    We've got nothing nice until the 30th for St Andrews Day. It's not even a public holiday though.

    <edit>The Spec isn't getting near my Bounty. In the words of Louis Walsh "I like 'em".

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