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Thread: AO: Looks Real Good!

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    AO: Looks Real Good!

    AO is looking great now! I don't suppose there could be any further changes needed. The UI is great! Everything is well placed and important stuff is highlighted well by the site's colour scheme... What more could you ask for? On the info front, the FAQs are good: short and sweet right to the point. Haven't gone thru any articles yet... but some titles sure are catchy!
    /* darkcod3r */

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    Wtf do you mean its lookin good now, the color scheme was the same since i came here in 2001, some display changes on the front page were made, nothing too "noticable".

    btw: why is this in the SUggestions forum, i don't see you making a suggestion in your post anywhere.
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    the FAQs are good: short and sweet right to the point.
    Found this part extremly amusing...

    Haven't gone thru any articles yet...
    Ok then........

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    Hi darkcod3r,

    Now...if I were the typical suspicious kind...errrrrrr....Alright I am! Dabnabbitt!...I'd take your comments and assume you were the Spec being twistedly sarcastic, wondering how many would fall for this ruse of flattery...as the comments you made are almost identical to the ones he would complain about

    I'm also assuming that's the gist behind your not so warm welcome

    so...for the moment...I'm going to assume you are just being complimentary and are enjoying the site and took this forum to be for site comments as well as site suggestions and...

    just say...Thank-you! I'm glad you're enjoying your stay!


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    Hello darkcod3r

    Please enjoy yourself here, and take some time to read the many "articles" (tutorials).

    I have seen sites that are "better" but not that could handle anything like the volume of data and number of sub-forums. I guess that is a price that has to be paid?

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    Courtesy, darkcod3r?
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    as he is from Bangalore

    slow day nihil...

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    Perhaps you read ALL the FAQ's including the ones about the site and about making a post? Just a little suggestion..
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    Well we have Qs about AO, Site Suggestions and Oops a Bug sections. I think his post implied suggestion about creating the Site Review/Commentary section, basically to say good things about AO... not many members do that anyway.

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