rapier I find it hard to believe a senior member would fail to understand my point being made. ok first of all I never said anything about trojans or worms that was not in question whatsoever which I will get back to here in a minute. I plainly stated that the software program has no spyware on it, and people are all paranoid about limewire because they obviously don't know how to use it properly.

P2P software not properly configured and protected allows your system to be infected
well duh isn't that the case with anything ? if u don't adjust a leaky diaper it's gonna make a mess..

P2P programs, is vulnerable to and a target for trojans and worms designed specifically to attack P2P share systems
like I said you need to prove what ur saying cuz there is no validity in this statement whatsoever cmon man you and i both know that the trojans and worms come from what you download and not the software itself. lets get our P's & Q's in order. be specific when you disclose information please...