I never have downloaded any music...I've thought about it...but never done it
Have you never taken a blank cassette and recorded songs from another cassette, or recorded songs from the radio stations? or better yet taken reel to reel and placed about 8hrs worth of music on them, If not then fine. I can respect you taking the high road on this, but if you have, then would you explain the difference to me.

Reasons why I will download music:

1. I am not paying $25.00 plus for one tune
2. I have an extensive vinyl collection (maybe I should convert them to audio files for the PC) and I only use it for the songs I like.
3.Sony and company would like to take over my PC.(not new)
4.David Bowie said I could.
5.Too much emphasis is placed on the lone PC user and not enough is done to the real pirates.
6.Had to download some of the Goons.
7.The jury is still out, that this method of file sharing or downloading music for free is hurting the music industry or even the artist, if anything it is hurting the middlemen (marketers) who are the ones who set the prices.

If you figure I am a pirate, then okay I'm a pirate, but lets not all get two faced about this,as I am sure a good percentage of this sites members have at one time or another, whether it is through P2P or FTP downloaded something they shouldn't have.

just my 0.01 Cdn cents worth