Hi dalek,

Who was it that ripped you off, was it the consumer or the middlemen?
Actually several different ways....when I was a full-time illustrator ( I did freelance commercial work and some private projects...as opposed to your more traditional artist, eg. an oil painter)...back in the days when the only people who had computers were places like NASA , you had to either buy a book ( yes, a very large book the size of a kitchen table, newpapers had tons of these books ) of clip-art ( hence the name, because they had to cut/clip out the picture and do a paste-up job ) or have a staff artist, or hire out to someone like me if you wanted anything from a picture to a logo...or even just letterhead...

how did I get ripped off...well...how many ways would you like me to mention? ...I still see my work floating around here and there that I never got paid for or even a credit by-line.

I will if it's the" best of" type
Yep...that's the only kind I buy...Greatest Hits Albums ( read:CD's ), everything else is a waste of money.