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    We've got a training budget to use up by april so my boss asked us to have a think and see if there was anything we'd want to do.

    He's already agreed to put me through my CISSP but I can't sit the exam for another 2 years.

    He suggested looking into the IISP (Institute of Information Security Professionals) which was about to launch early next year as a European equivalent(rival?) to the CISSP.

    But I haven't been able to find very much.

    Some stuff within http://www.issa-uk.org/

    and http://www.uksaint.org/

    Just wondered if anyone had had any involvement?

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    Can't say I am all that familiar with the IISP. Couldn't get that first link to load. Second link worked with no probs....Seems interesting. Although, if you are looking for some other good security training/certs I would definately look into any of the SANS GIAC certs or even the Cisco CCSP.
    Both of which are (IMHO) are vastly more indepth/technical than the CiSSP.
    Not that the CiSSP is bad or anything. : )

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