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Thread: Black Friday web special

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    Black Friday web special

    I don't know how many people will be out shopping today... if you are, my prayers are with you...

    I'm at work just relaxing. Today should be very very quiet.

    I figured, why not start holiday shopping!?

    Here are black friday web only specials.

    If you must go out... here are the normal black friday in store specials

    Save some $ on your holiday shopping now!

    Or you can do what I normally do... go to the Hickory Farms and get 20 of the same thing.
    Viola. holiday shopping done easy...
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    I am almost finished with my shopping now.
    I usually start my Xmas shopping right after New Years, when they have many sales.
    After Thanksgiving is just to finish what I missed.
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    Heh I had to work today at best buy. i love the idiots that come in like 4 hours after open and expect us to still have the $150 desktop machine advertised as being limited quantity. Or the guys that give you this sob story about being out in the cold with thier kid since 2:00am waiting in line and not being able to help thinking "wow your a great parent for getting your kid phunmonia for christmas".

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