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    Windows XP Home

    My Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop, has developed a strange problem.
    When I resume my computer from standby. It becomes very sluggish, slow. Just cant work on it then, unless you reboot or restart.

    MY config is P4 1.7Ghz. 512MB, 30 GB.
    Windows XP Home

    It is not a virus or something , im sure because I am aware of all that stuff and have zonealarm, adaware, AVG Virus suite , and microsoft antispyware installed on my ststem. I use then regularly and also uppdate them. My Windows update is also automatic.
    I think it is a OS problem....
    Any suggestions...

    Jai Hind

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    Hi, and welcome to AO,

    First thing I would try is boot into "Startup" and turn off all power saving options in the BIOS.

    Also in control panel make sure the screen is always on.

    See if that makes any difference?

    What service pack is your XP on?

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    Windows XP and stanby mode have a long history of faults such as this. it arises from various drivers not supporting the way windows goes into standby.
    Sometimes you may get an error message along the lines of "such and such a driver prevented windows from entering standby mode".

    The best solution I found is to just not use standby mode, either turn it off or have it on.
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    Have you tried the ideas that Nihil & Nokia suggested?

    Another thought to consider, when I am not using my laptop and will not be using it for awhile, I shut the thing off and unplug it. Unlike the airflow in my tower that will suck the Fedora off your head, inside a very compact box, you have a ton of heat producing items and poor airflow. Even in the standby mode, something is on and generating heat. If I do leave it on, I leave it on a hard surface, with the legs extended to raise it up off the table, and the CD slot open, all to increase air movement. Might even have a fan near by. The absolute silliest thing I ever did was leave it on the bed surrounded by and lying on soft blankets. Thought I was gonna have a screaming Alpha (that's a “Fire” for any sand crabs here).

    Although you have AV's, malware combatants and so on, another thought is cleaning out all the junk like temp files etc.

    Anyway let us know how things are going.

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    this can help you also... try to check out this:



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