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Thread: Linux Journal Article

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    Linux Journal Article

    Quite an interesting article here:

    Talks about some of the failings of Linux's marketing... which is interesting because this is my only qualm with Linux as well... people pushing it to be something it's not.

    Linux is a fantastic, dirt cheap alternative to UNIX and perhaps the best OS for any computer science major's dorm room... isn't that enough? Why do people think it must be the be all end all to operating systems?



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    'Cos the cute penguin is way cooler then MS's silly flag?
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    That is the aim of *any* product is to grow and evole along the way.

    Not to mention people would love to see a free or next to free Operating System that its easy to use as Windows available for schools, low-incomes, and so forth as an alternative to MS. That, really, is the whole point of the linux evolution. Providing a free or low cost alternative to Windows for those who simply can't afford to pay $100+ for an OS. Even with desktop prices hitting an all time low (I mean complete decent systems for $300) every extra dollar saved on anything when your buying 300 some odd computers for a school is money kept for better purposes.

    IMO just so you know.

    That ia a great article though. Its so rare to find a truly non-partial article these days between the MS and Linux camps.........

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