hi everyone

a new kinda virus has affected my computer. Actually i went to site called www.serials.ws for gettin some serials. But, all i got from that site was a GOD DAMN VIRUS.

What it does is, it automatically starts an iexplore.exe i.e. it doesnt open a new internet explorer window but when I press CTRL+ALT+DEL i.e. the Task Manager, i see this process runnin. And it keeps on generatin new processes like that after some time interval. And it only works when i am connected to the internet. So, here's wat it happens:

1. My computer works fine until its connected to internet.
2. After the computer is connected to the internet, the process iexplore.exe starts by itself. Remember, no Explorer windows opens. But, it's listed in the process list in the Task Manager menu. And multiple iexplore.exe processes keeps on starting by itself.
3. To stop it, I either keep on checking from time to time the Task Manager process menu, n terminate the suspected processes(sometimes, i even end up closing the actual iexplore.exe on which i m working!). And if i dont terminate these processes( from Task Manager process menu), after sometime I get a message "The webpage you are viewing is trying to close by itself, Press Yes to continue or No to cancel". So, if I press "yes", one of those iexplore.exe gets terminated but the other iexplore.exe processes are still there. So, its like If I dont terminate the processes from the Task Manager process menu, I keep on getting the dialogue box after some time intervals.
4. And as soon as I disconnect the internet, I no more see this problem.

Following are the details of my machine:
Windows XP Professional SP2
Internet Explorer 7.1
Although u may not need it, but still:
256 MB Ram
AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.67 GHz
64 MB Graphics Card

To avoid this, I tried scanning my computer from the following(all with fully updated definations):
Microsoft Antispyware
Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE Personal

But there was no relief, I even tried scannin by Online Symantec Virus removal tool, but no success.

One more thing, I completely forgot to tell is, when i see a new iexplore.exe is started from the Task Manager, By pressing the ALT+TAB key, when I take my cursor, to the new IE process, it tells its openin a url called www.deal-nation.com/normal/yy102/h.... or sometimes www.deal-mobile.com/yy102/h... and also www.your-deal.com/normal/yy102/h..., n if i leave my cursor over there, still I dont c any IE window, but if I directly press ALT+F4 just after that, the process iexplore.exe gets terminated.

I dont know whether i was able to completely tell the problem to you, but still i tried my best, and if u want some more clarification, please ask me. And tell me the solution. I'll be really greatful. Coz, if I tell u, the whole above matter, was completed in the fourth attempt....

I am sure, its somethin related to those URLs, but I didnt had the balls to check them, myself.

Thnx to everyone, helping me with this!!