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Thread: GOOD NEWS??? BitTorrent

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    GOOD NEWS??? BitTorrent

    The movie industry and the man behind BitTorrent have signed a deal they hope will reduce the number of pirated films shared on the downloading network.

    atleast it will reduce the net piracy

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    Well its good news. With the easy access to the internet most people prefer to download movies and watch later and torrents are the most popular way to do so. So it will definitely reduce piracy. Moreover the threat of viruses from p2p is much reduced by using torrents. Its a good thing.
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    The article basically says that we won't be able to find copyrighted movies stuff via the bit torrent web site. At least they are not putting some ridiculous "protection" into the protocol itself. I wonder what did Cohen gotten out of the deal?
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    What he has gotten out of it is some much needed slack from the Maffia Practices Association of America

    Can't the MPAA and RIAA etc. just get over the fact that with the distribution part of their job being obsoleted by the internet they need to rethink their practice ??
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    Pretty much Cohen gets a free "Get out of Jail" ticket from prosecution by the MPAA and RIAA like JinX said. The funny thing is, this /only/ applies to the "official" BitTorrent tracker on their website. They cannot stop the other trackers out there from posting information that is questionable at best.

    This was a pretty genius move by Cohen to keep BitTorret alive and kicking. Overall though I don't think this will make even the smallest dent in online piracy.

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    I concur with Lv4. THis will do nothing for piracy. If they wanted to do something about piracy then the RIAA and MPAA should go talk to China.... but that's TOO big of a problem for those Nazi's.

    Cohen is pretty smart for inking that deal. Viva BitTorrent!!
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