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Thread: You would think that they would learn after Sony

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    You would think that they would learn after Sony

    Below is from:


    "Here's an interesting one. Peripherals manufacturer I-O Data has shipped a series of nice-looking portable hard drives in the 40GB to 120GB range - carrying the Backdoor.Win32.Tompai trojan on them.

    This simple trojan isn't particularily new - we added detection for it in September 2004. However, somehow it managed to find it's way to the master image that was preinstalled to every new hard drive. The manufacturer is now replacing them under warranty.

    Previously, we've seen similar cases with preinfected laptops, floppy disks, USB memory sticks and even preinfected MP3 players."

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    Well, the fact that the install on the hard drive is infected brings a few other questions to mind:
    1. How badly infected are the corporate systems of I-O Data.
    2. How long can this company stay in business?

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