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Thread: Windows XP install problems

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    win xp instaalation problems

    hi everyone

    i was seasrching d net for som comp. tutorials and i stumbled across the site.read some forum questions and found all of them to be quite informative.

    i have a recent developement(s roblem to b precise) and i would like to know more about it as i could not understand why they r happening

    i hav a computer with a linux partition ,win2kproff and win xp(sp2).

    i had deleted some folders and made som registry changes so my wordpad or office would throw up errors whenever i opened any files.

    also my computer when starting used to take a long time sitting at "applying local settings" but i had no virus.

    so i went ahead and formatted the whole drive.redid my partitions..made new partitions and

    now i had put in win2k ...and dat went fine ...after i restarted my computer it still gave me an option whether i want to select win xp or win 2k while booting....dats was quite weird to me

    also after i had freshly installed winxp(sp2) the application and system logs had some notification with root mentioned...
    also after i installed word and tried to save d files it gave the same error message.dis time i didnt tamper with nethng...

    so after formating the disc how come option of win xp was comin up at boot time and also why the same error message is reflected with wordpad and office docs.

    earlier i had read about sony planting rrotkits in their laptops .does the root event log mean sp2 has also some rrotkits ??

    i would be grateful if someone can please throw light on my issues...

    i was using the default boot loader when my sys was with linux

    thank you

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    Ok ..well welcome to the AntiOnline community.

    After that warm welcome I have one word for you :

    What ???

    What in the bleeping H*$ are you talking about ... look ... We are (the collective AntiOnline Community ) a group of international enthousiasts.

    Not everyone on this forum has English as his native language...and that's not necessary anyway...but we do like posts to be written as clear as possible.

    So please for future reference try to write your posts as clear as possible (meaning no abbreviations like b for be, and try to make full sentences to please).

    Ok ...that out of the way ...

    So what you're saying is :

    You had a box with Linux and Windows in dual boot ...something went wrong on your XP partition and you formatted the whole drive... Am I correct ?

    Then you reinstalled the PC with Windows 2000 pro and Windows XP pro in dual boot and you still have problems ..or is it that you only have Windows 2000 pro now ???

    You see your post is quite confusing

    Maybe you have to do a MBR repair/rewrite like it shows here

    But then you start talking about a rootkit ... Rootkit has nothing to do with your problem... Your partition table...therefor your MBR is screwed up a bit I think.

    Then again ... maybe you can give a more detailed description of your current problem(s) ??

    Hope this helps you on your way and enjoy your stay at the forum.

    PS: read THIS


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    I would have to agree with Cemetric here, please use plain english as clear as you can make it. I understand english may not be your first language but try and not "internet lingo" and try re-wording your post so i can try and help you out.
    Git R Dun - Ty
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    Hmm me can smell a script kiddie.

    anyhow cemetric seems to be on the right track here, although maybe you should go and read a few of those Tutorials on dual booting, maybe they will answer some of your questions..


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    Linux is free, Windows is not.............

    If you have a legitimate copy of Windows, please telephone Microsoft support............that is what I do

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    sorry for being haste earlier...(win xp installation)

    sorry everyone ...ok here is the problem in detail...i hope i make it clear this time ...

    i had a box with linux as well as win2k and win xp partition. the win xp partition created some problems so i needed to format the whole drive .now when i had repartitioned the drive and formatted in (first i had installed win 2k proff).....after installation as i proceeded to restart the box it gave the option of win xp also. now the main problem is when i had formatted and re partitioned from where does the option of win xp coming up?

    my next problem is i had some problems with win xp partitions because i messed around but after fresh installation the same problem persists. how come the old data resurfaced when i formatted the drive?

    well i guess cemetric you are right ...maybe my mbr is a bit screwed up...but now when i have a clean box do u suggest that i go ahead and do a fdisk... assembly lang is not my cup of tea so may i please request you to kindly tell me what does the bit of code accomplishes....
    otherwise i have to get a win 98 boot disk with fdisk and sit for long hours before eventually be able to work on my system...

    and once again sorry for the earlier post and thank you all for taking time out to reply to my post.

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    sorry everyone ...ok here is the problem in detail...i hope i make it clear this time ...
    It's more clear don't worry ...everybody has to learn ... even I do

    Now if your uncertain of doing anything to your MBR I suggest start by reading THIS .
    It has links to various help files for FDISK and others alike.
    If your realy unsure and you happen to have copy of Partition Magic you could make a boot disk with that program and start your pc. You can then see if there are any partitions left that can cause your problem.

    If your Windows XP cd is bootable ...boot into recovery console info here and issue the FIXMBR command info here . But as the website states ...do this only if you have problems accessing your drives.

    I still think that there is some residu left from the previous partition table ... and maybe if your unsure about it all, that the best bet is the Partition Magic disk.

    If all this is still unclear after you've read some or all of it ..don't hesitate to ask more questions.


    Back when I was a boy, we carved our own IC's out of wood.

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