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Thread: Thumb Drive Question

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    Thumb Drive Question


    I have a 128MB thumb drive and was wondering if I could use it as a security feature. Meaning I dont want people being able to access my computer without the thumb drive being plugged into the USB port. I know there are keys like this out there but I dont want to purchase another drive.

    Google didnt offer me any solutions, and I remember reading about being able to do this but cant find the article in any of my old computer mags. Boy, I miss screen savers on Techtv oh sorry G4.

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    Not a very good idea old chap, if the thumb drive gets screwed so do you

    Normally there is a boot sequence to protect you, and you would not want to run your OS from a manky thumb drive.

    To put it bluntly, if I have physical access to your computer, I own you!

    Look at removable hard drives? No HDD means "no problem" Hey you can probably pick up one of the chassis for about 20 bucks?

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    This sounds kinda 'out there' but i had a friend who was . . . let's just say peranoid about pretty much everything. For some reason he became convinced that someone was breaking into his apartment and using his internet while he was at work, and decided he needed a way to lock out his stuff while not there. Instead of doing anything like a normal person would do, he went on-line and bought a whole friggin box of pc power cables. For over a month straight he would cut, yes cut and im pretty sure he didn't turn the electricity off first, the power cable in half on his way out and just put a new one on when he wanted to use it again. Same premise as nihil's suggestion, no power no problem
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