Hello all!
I have a Samsung SP1614N since february 2005. Up to now it was working great! Quiet, fast - just great! But on Monday a strange thing happened. The PC hanged up. I restarted - windows tried to load but it was impossible(it restarted by itself) then I tried to go in Safe mode - mission impossible. It was boooting and while doing that, it restarted. I tried to load Linux, but suddenly I realised that the boot manager for loading both OS was missing. Good then I puted the instalation CD of Linux and tried to start it from there. The instalation started and hanged up on the moment looking for the hard drive .
Then I took the instalation disk of Windows. It loaded. I came to the screen where I must choose on which partition I wish to install. I took C: and said format it. The format started well, but suddenly it stopped on 8% and it took to him more than 1 hour to go to 14%. From 15% it was again running normally. But when It reached 100% it told me that the partition was impossible to format.
I took my old Quantum 13GB and installed windows on it. Then as a slave I puted the Samsung SP1614N. I can see all the partition that I've created: D, E, F and so on. I can copy the documentes from them.
Partition C is also to see, but it is telling me that I have to format it. Good, I did it. This time I didn't get an error message. I could fill it up with documents and it didn't hang up. Then I said: "It must be OK, I will install windows on it" I tried to do it - this time I leaved C untouched, but while copying the files necessary for the instalation it told me that it can not create a folder and that it can not continue.
What do you think? Is the disk corrupted? Shall I look for my warranty or I can use a tool to repair it?