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    Originally posted here by intmon
    We discussed this some time ago, and JP let us know why we couldn't have two letter searching: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=257547

    Hey Hey,

    That brings up a couple of questions then.

    1. Have you considered moving over and using google as the seach engine that powers the site?

    2. Has mnstrgrl had a chance to look into rewriting the search engine?

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    I agree with HT, using google would probably be a better idea. Not to mention mnstrgrl could probably work wonders with the coding.
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    Well in the mean time, as I said in the previous page, you can always google for "site:www.antionline.com keyword" (w/o quotes). It's fast and accurate and includes (very) old posts too.

    Anyway, I googled for "site:www.antionline.com jdenny" and got 648 results, including my first posts in 2002.

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