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Thread: Happy St Andrews Day

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    Happy St Andrews Day

    We don't really go round saying that (not even a national holiday, sniff) but St Andrew's Day it is.


    I advise you to treat it like St Patrick's day and go and get drunk.

    When drunk go out into the street and sing this (ideally out of tune)



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    so why DON'T we have our patron saints day as a national holiday ?

    Ireland get to go wild on St Patricks day [Hell, EVERYONE goes wild then ]
    yet the rest of us have to do with zip ...........

    and for those that wonder who I'm talking about :

    England = St George = April 23rd
    Scotland = St Andrew = November 30th
    Wales = St David = March 1st
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    There is a bit of a movement for a St Andys holiday. It's been raised with the Executive but it didn't get very far.

    I think Burns day is actually celebrated more.

    I'm not religeous so I wouldn't celebrate these patron saints for that reason but I think they're a good show of national pride. Nationalism in a good way.

    We're not too bad at the 'Proud of our Country' stuff up here but I think England has lost out to the 'In-Ger-Lund' beer swillers a bit.

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