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Thread: Dillema

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    It is known hands are one of the places on the body with the highest concentrations of germs (right word ?)
    Correction, it's actually the Tongue that has the highest concentration of germs..

    Anyhow back to Topic, i just usually pull my sleeve up over my hand when ever i use door-=handles etc.
    Only because at one stage i was so paranoid that i thought that everything i touched the police were coming in after wards and taking my finger prints..
    So now out of habit if anything else i'm always covering my hands when i use things, and if i'm not wearing a jumper with sleeves, then i usually do something to either mess up what ever prints i've left or i just rub 'em of the object..

    man i need some proffesional help i think...

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    If i saw him in the bathroom again i would LOUDLY wash my hands or something... just get his attention and let him know you are onto him about him NOT washing his hands while you wash yours...
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    Well I guess I am different from you all. I wash my hands before I go to the toilet, not after.

    I know where and what my penis has been into and I don't piss on myself, but I touch anything and everything with my hands. Not only door knobs, but telephones, keyboards, and money that others have touched and done whatever with.

    Now if for some reason, I were to get urine on my hands while emptying my bladder, I would wash my hands again after going.
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    Explain to him that your religion specificaly requires that you hug and not shake hands, thereby absolving you of any untoward contact with said hand.(if you don't mind hugging the boss, Christmas Bonus)

    Then when he is away, go to bathroom and put a big frigging sign up "Wash Hands". Or bite the bullet and shake his hand, and quickly head to the bathroom and wash your hand.

    You could start to do the Micheal Jackson thing and wear surgical gloves to work on a daily basis, this will solve the delicate issue of shaking the boss'es hand.

    Hey do you wipe the seat down when you go for a crap? (crabs have a shelf life of a few hours on the seat).

    So if this guy has suspect hygene practises, I would be very careful where you sit.
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    Urine is sterile unless the person has an infection.

    Washing hands is more to do with wiping your ass, lots of lovely stuff there. Everyone say cholera, typhoid, EColi (all varieties) and hepatitis.

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    Well, it solved itself ... he doesn't work in this office ...he got shipped to the other branch no more mr greaseball (no offense to Italians ) ...I didn't think he would go there though ...the financial department could use some support ...they're undermanned as it is.


    I still think it's good that people wash their hands also shows respect to other individuals.
    Otherwise it's like ...hey I didn't wash my hands ..but that's ok isn't it don't mind do you.

    Well offcourse I do ... some people might not but I do ... Anyway ...the dude is gone ...yay

    Thanks for the responses and tips guys.

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    I thought that Far Side comic with the bathroom detector was great. (Basically a huge fire alarm would right when people didnt wash their hands and came out of the bathroom.
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    Bah wouldnt let me edit my last post, but saw this on Engrish today...

    May not be safe for work.
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