OK Since I couldn't post my worst_job.wmv file (too big) I'm just going to have to tell a joke.

So upon hearing a strange noise on the roof, home owner goes outside only to find a bear on his roof. Wondering how the bear got on the roof; and more to the point how to get it down, the owner goes inside and opens the Yellow pages.

Sure enough, under pest control, there's a full page add for bear removal. The owner calls the number and is told someone will be out shortly.

15 minutes goes by and a van pulls up outside the house. A man steps out of the van and starts unloading his equipment:

A ladder, baseball bat, big bare cage, shotgun and a gnarly looking pit bull.

The owner goes outside to find out what the plan is.

The man from the bear removal service explains.

"Well, I'm gonna put the ladder on the side of your house, climb up with the baseball bat and knock the bear off the roof. Then the dog is gunna grab that bear by its balls and hold on until the bear is subdued and I can get it in the cage".

"Yea but," asks the home owner "what about the shotgun".

To which the man replies

"Uh I'm gonna leave it with you. Now this is important if the bear knocks me off the roof - shoot the dog"!